BMCRC - MRO Championships 16 August 2008

Triumph Triple Challenge Round 07:Oulton Park - August 16 2008

Round 7 of the 2008 Triumph Triple Challenge.
The MSVR cicuit of Oulton Park was host for the first time, and local rider Mark Cringle was determined to capitalise and qualified in pole position, in front of Mark Carey the leading Michelin Young Gun.
With rain forecast for later in the day it was always going to be a challenge, and a dry race one saw Cheetham hold his form to win the race and his class in the TDG cup.

Race two was a won with tyre choice after the heavens opened in lap two, and after taking four places on the second lap Ben Cater moved to take the lead. Young Gun contender Josh Wainwright soon overtook and commanded the race in the heavy rain. At the end of the race Josh took the win in the race and leading young gun. Cater was second and leading TDG cup racer.

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