Two Fat Submariners

Story posted: Sunday, 14. March 2010 by Richard Swaffield

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Barry Bishop and Steve Mills joined the Royal Navy together back in June 1985 aged just 16 and went on to serve on several submarines, between them notching up over 28 years service. Having both now left the military they remain actively involved in charitable work – Barry is the Chairman on Oxford Sea Cadets and Steve is a Branch Secretary for the Royal Naval Association. Continuing with their charitable nature (and as an incentive to truly get fit again) Barry and Steve have embarked upon 3 gruelling events which are to be completed within a year in order to raise a substantial amount of cash for their three chosen charities. The three crazy endurance events will be one of Cycling, one of Running and one of Swimming. You can learn more about each event, their chosen charity and getting involved through sponsorship or with the support team by clicking on the event tabs above. There are several ways you can help the Two Fat Submariners, obviously and most crucially is sponsorship of the event or of their equipment (the Submariners will allow company logo’s and all money “sponsored” for equipment goes directly to charity not to Steve or Barry), it is possible to sponsor drinks, campsites, bikes, shoes, hats, flights, anything you can think of, the submariners will let you sponsor it... they will even do corporate events to tell interesting and amusing stories of their adventures. In return for your investment company logo’s can receive a high profile on the website and can be added to shirts, shorts, bikes, bags, hats, and so on

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