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BMCRC (Bemsee) / MRO Championships 11: Pembrey August 2006

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The Welsh circuit of Pembrey was host for round 11 of the BMCRC / MRO championship. All photography by Michael Igoe.

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MiniMoto Championships 06: Warden Law

Story posted: 27. August 2006 by

This championship is brought to you by the MiniMoto Racing Association (MMRA) of GB. Love them or hate them - MiniMoto's cannot be ignored in the world of motorcycle racing. Here lies the introduction and proving ground for our next world class racers. MiniMoto race events provide spectators and Competitors with all the frills, spills and heated action of their bigger counterparts, but at a fraction of the cost ! With MiniMoto's costing from £600 upwards - can you really ignore such a fun packed, affordable sport ? The British MiniMoto Championship harnesses and brings together competitors ranging from 6 years to 60, split into a number of categories to allow safe competetive racing for all age groups across the UK.

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Baja GB 2006 - August 2006

Story posted: 20. August 2006 by

UPDATE: Bridgnorth's Ian Rochelle and Cannock's Lee Edmondson clinched victory in the car and motorcycle categories of the inaugural Baja GB, Britain's all-new candidate for the FIA International Cup for Bajas. Caerphilly's Hugh Haines and co-driver Peter Phillips won the National category in their Bowler Wildcat 200 and Doncaster's Matt Lee was classified as the leading Quad rider after two days of action in the rain-soaked Radnor forest complex in Mid-Wales. Baja GB 2006 - Final positions Baja GB T1-T2 Cars - after SSS7 (top 6 only) 1. Ian Rochelle/Amanda Garratley (Bowler Wildcat 200) 4h 34m 24s 2. Ivar Tollefsen/Quin Evans (Bowler Wildcat) 4h 45m 56s 3. Michael Jones/Paul Round (Rally Raid UK Desert Warrior) 4h 49m 24s 4. Richard Hopkins/Gary Torosyan (Land Rover Discovery) 4h 49m 59s 5. Derrick Edmondson/Neil Ruffle (Range Rover Desert Warrior) 4h 51m 51s 6. David Johnston/Tim Hamilton (Bowler Wildcat 200) 4h 54m 00s Baja GB National Cars - after SSS7 (top 6 only) 1. Hugh Haines/Peter Phillips (Bowler Wildcat 200) 4h 23m 46s 2. Ray Kempster/Ivan Dudley (Milner Pro Truck) 4h 37m 22s 3. Lee Mansfield/Paul Slack (Range Rover) 4h 50m 53s 4. Glen McKeith/Caroline Smith (Land Rover Warrior) 5h 06m 37s 5. Roland Marlow/John Cockburn (Land Rover) 5h 14m 05s 6. Jeremy Fearn/Martin Gould (Bowler Wildcat 100) 5h 23m 54s Baja GB Bikes - after SSS6 (top 10 only) 1. Lee Edmondson (KTM F-250 EXC) 3h 36m 07s 2. Chris Pascoe (KTM 525) 3h 56m 55s 3. Stephen Malone (KTM 525) 3h 57m 04s 4. Brian Eland (KTM BCE) 3h 57m 15s 5. Clive Town (KTM 525) 3h 57m 31s 6. Adam Evans (KTM MXC 525) 4h 12m 59s 7. Ian Myers (KTM 525) 4h 14m 44s 8. Jon Mackeen (KTM 525 EXC) 4h 16m 38s 9. Patsy Quick (KTM 525) 4h 26m 17s 10. Darren Duesbury (KTM 600 Rally) 4h 29m 48s Baja GB Quads - after SSS6 1. (11th) Matt Lee (Yamaha Raptor) 4h 35m 30s 2. (12th) Daniel Upton (Bombardier DS 650) 4h 49m 31s 3. (15th) Matt Harrison (Bombardier DS 650) 4h 56m 28s Final results for all categories can be found on "This was a fantastic event and it feels great to become the first ever winner of the Baja GB," said Rochelle, who led from start to finish with co-driver Amanda Garratley. "There was no doubt that we would enter this event. You only have to look at the entry list to see that people have made the effort to support the hard work of the organisers. We, as competitors, all want the Baja to succeed. I am sure that those people who did not enter will wish that they had been in at the start of this new chapter in British motorsport." "Amazing to win," said Rochelle. "This was totally unexpected. Myself and Amanda are winning the Hill Rallies at the moment and we have the same crew supporting us on this. We are gaining confidence in the UK, but need a little more experience before we feel we will be a threat on the continent. The stages were phenomenal. I can't praise the organisers enough for all their efforts and those early starts this week." "I didn't even know what a Baja or a road book was," said Edmondson. "When I realised there were arrows I was much happier. I was amazed to win. My brother asked me to enter to give as much support as possible to motorsport in this country. I had so much fun. I enjoyed every bit of it, fast or slow or just getting muddy!" Competitors tackled three selective sections in Radnor forest on Sunday. Rookie Cannock-based rider Lee Edmondson began the final leg with a commanding lead of 12m 23s in the motorcycle category and he won his fourth successive selective on Sunday morning, with a time of 31m 12s through the Shepherd's Well section. The British Under-23 enduro rider suffered a scare in parc ferme when his bike failed to start, but he was soon into a flying pace and extended his advantage over Turkey-based Chris Pascoe to 16m 01s. Stephen Malone maintained third place and Newcastle's Brian Eland and Heathfield's Clive Town for fourth and fifth. Mat Lee extended his lead over Quad rivals Daniel Upton and Matt Harrison, although he only beat Upton by five seconds in the fourth timed test. Edmondson collected his fifth fastest time in SSS5 to extend his advantage to 18m 46s, but there was a frantic battle for the minor places behind second-placed Pascoe. Eland passed Malone to take third place and Heathfield's Clive Town closed to within one second of fourth place by setting the third fastest time. Lee maintained his Quad lead and ninth place overall, despite a puncture. A mere 38.30 km stood between Edmondson and a stunning Baja victory on the nimble 250 KTM and the youngster was again fastest in the final section to record victory by the margin of 20m 48s. Wilmslow's Malone set the second fastest time to confirm third overall behind Pascoe, with Eland and Town completing the top five. 11th-placed Lee confirmed victory in the Quad category over Daniel Upton and Matthew Harrison, despite strugglin

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BMCRC (Bemsee) / MRO Championships 10: Snetterton August 2006

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Round 10 of the BMCRC/MRO Championships Another fantastic weekend of Racing at the Norfolk circuit of Snetterton. Photographs by Michael Igoe

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