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D1 Grand Prix Exhibition Match - Silverstone

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UPDATE: The D1GP Exhibition match is over and we have a winner! Yasuyuki Kazama takes yet another victory in this years event, demonstrating clearly how a D1 champion drives. 10 of Europe's finest drivers qualified for the event from the D1GB series the day before. D1GB Results: Driver | Car | Points Darren Mcnamara | AE86 | 99.7 Phil Morrison | S14 | 99.6 Brett Castle | S14 | 98.0 Maciej Polody | S14 | 97.0 James Hudson | HCR32 | 96.0 Paul Vasblom | E36 | 96.0 Glen Maher | RPS13 | 92.0 Ian Coyne | RS13 | 80.0 Niall Gunn | RPS13 | DNF Damien Mulvey | PS13 | DNF D1GP Results: Result Winner Y. Kazama S15 2nd M. Kawabata S15 3rd K. Nomura ER34 4th T. Matsuda AE86 5th K. Okamura S15 6th T. Tezuka HCR32 7th P. Vlasblom E36 8th S. Minowa AE86 9th D. McNamara AE86 10th B. Castle S14 The D1GB drivers didn't look out of place with the GP grid, with Darren, Phil and Brett all scoring within the points range considered to be professional. The top 3 Japanese drivers being Yasuyuki Kazama with 99.9 points, Masato Kawabata with 99.9 points and Ken Nomura with a perfect 100 point , first place score!!! The Tsuiso battles shattered the English hopes when all but one driver was beaten out of the top 8 round. Paul Vlasblom from Holland managed to out drive Japan's Takahiro Ueno in the JZZ30 Toyota Soarer using some clever left foot braking techniques, meaning Ueno could not maintain his drift. Although Paul was beaten into the semi-finals by Toyohisa Matsuda in his underpowered Toyota Corolla, he has proved himself as an International class driver by qualifying for both exhibition matches so far. Nomuken, Kawabata, Kazama and Matsuda completed the line up for the semi-final round, the popular Nomuken facing off against Kawabata who was chasing is first D1GP victory! Kawabata, never one to disappoint, showed Nomuken his "crazy skills" and went through to face Kazama in the final, leaving Nomuken in 3rd position overall. The Final couldn't have been more tense, Kazama (2nd place in 2004 and the 2005 D1 Champion) up against Kawabata, who has so far only achieved a 3rd place finish and was now in contention for a number one finish! Kazama's driving is as always perfect, in the final and Kawabata simply couldn't match him under the pressure to win, making a "half spin" and losing his chance of victory. Well done to Yasuyuki Kazama on yet another decisive victory!!! Photographs by Richard Swaffield ====================================================== Silverstone was the host for the D1 Great Britain championship round two, and also the D1 Grand Prix Exhibition Match, seeing the best of the D1GB Circuit face the experienced D1GP drifters. 6 European Drifters made best 16 spot and Paul Vlasblom from Holland finished in Top 8. Kawabata made his first ever final and was just beaten by reigning champ Kazama.

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BMCRC (Bemsee) / MRO Championships 07: Snetterton

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Another Round of the BMCRC / MRO Championships at Snetterton. This fast circuit will definately favour the powerfull engines from Forza Xtreme and Powerbikes, but that won't stop the MZ's and low capacity motorcycles having a great battle. Photographs by Richard Swaffield and Michael Igoe

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